Just In: How 20 years old Rinji Peter Bala was killed by Soldiers of Operation Safe Heaven (OPSH)

This is what actually happened pls.How 20 years old Rinji Peter Bala was killed by Soldiers of OPSH...
The 20 years old Rinji Peter Bala in company of his friends just crossed over from the Sliver Bird side of Hwolshe to Utonkong Road through the National Library Round about when they were stopped and arrested by Soldiers of the OPSH. They were forced into the soldiers' van. Unknown to the boys, the soldiers had been invited by a shop owner in the area whose shop was said to have been burgled by some unknown hoodlums and were desperate at making an arrest.
A policeman who leaves in the area and knows the boys was watching the incident. As the vehicle started to move towards NTA from Hwolshe with the boys, the policeman crossed over and stopped them. He introduced himself as a police officer and told the Soldiers that he personally knew the boys and that they do not smoke nor are they into drugs. He said the boys had just passed where he was sitting when they were arrested. He then pleaded for their release but the soldiers refused and moved on with the boys.
The policeman then followed them thinking they were being taken to the Operation Safe Haven headquarters at Hill Station Junction. When the Soldiers vehicle did not stop at the OPSH office at the Hill Station Junction which is the crime's jurisdiction, he (the policeman) concluded that they must be heading to the police headquarters on JD Gomwalk road.
He then decided to call Rinji's father, Mr. Peter Bala who is a Director with the DSS thinking since it has gotten to police headquarters, it would certainly require granting of Bail and bailing requires money these days.
While waiting for Mr. Bala to join him, the policeman decided to go to the police headquarters and inquired about the boys, but he was told that no such boys were brought to the station. The same thing happened at the A Division police station, they were not there either.
By the time Rinji's father are soldiers denied arresting any boys but admitted that the vigilantes and members of the Nighbourhood watch kill one boy over there.
There was no reason to associaterived police headquarters, he was told no such boys were brought to the station, he was also told that a police man just left there having made the same enquiry.
When Mr Bala introduced himself to the police, they jointly reasoned that the next likely place would be OPSH office on Zaria Road by the new Stadium. The police decided to offer him police escort to accompany him on the search at the OPSH office.

When they got close to the OPSH office at Zaria road, they saw people mostly members of the neighborhood watch gathered around a dead body but they did not stop.

On getting to the OPSH office, th the outputted Neighborhood killing with the search, but on their way back, they stopped at the place where people were gathering around the dead body.
By this time it was becoming dark and the lifeless boy laid flat on his back with his face upward and his eye lid still wide open. Mr Bala helped closed the eye lid, but at this time he hadn't recognized that it was Ritji because when Ritji left home, he had the hair style shown in the picture above which he has always worn on his head, but the dead boy's hair was completely shaved. It was untill he took a very closer look that he discovered it was Ritji, his only beloved son.
The vigilantes told them the boy was shot and killed by the soldiers. They had been told to go after shaving the hairs on their heads.
This afternoon, the soldiers said the particular soldier who pulled the trigger that killed Ritji,actually woke up from sleep not knowing what was happening, when he noticed that there were people around him, he shot at them, killing Ritji. 

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